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how do i get unbanned please?
7 months ago
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    Hello Magma's,   We wont have any big updates to announce here, but still a list of small update we've made on the server.   Player Shops: Some small changes were made for the players shops, you can only put the item you selected in your Player Shop, same for hoppers! Also the item above a player shop has been changed and cant be moved anymore when placing a block on it.   Invisible item frame's: You can now toggle the invisibility of your item frame from LvL4 with:   /itf togglemode {Toggle the editing mode where you can right-click Item Frames to toggle their visibility}   Replaced voting site: 3 voting website's do work for bedrock users now, make sure to read the description at https://www.magmamc.net/vote/ first before voting on the voting site's!   Expanded world border: We've expanded our world border with 10k blocks in the overworld, so in total 20k x 20k. And we added an worldborder in the nether too.   We use world borders to pre-generate our world, this will improve server performance alot and wont lag when loading chunks.   Small changes: Emeralds has been removed from /market, we will add more ways to earn money soon.   You can now use /sit, once you reached LvL7!   We moved the Player statistics to another place at the spawn, they are below the NPC's at /spawn. The entrance is at the right.    The End reset timer has been added back into the server. Was temporarily disabled due to 1.17 incompatibility   Information: We have reached the 2000 unique player joins, we want to thank you all for this milestone and the amazing community we have now! We'd also like to introduce WtF33612 to our staff team! we do give Bedrock players a chance to become staff also! Have fun on MagmaMC ?
    about 1 month ago
    Hello Magma's,   Java users simply can use /cf, and click on True/False to change the flag. For bedrock users this works a bit different. Because bedrock users arent able to click on chat messages.   This is a list of flags you can change inside your claim, make sure you stand inside your claim before executing this command   Please note that this flags are for every player, so if you change chest-access, everyone can access your chest! If you'd like to add someone to your claim, it is safer to use /trust PlayerName   Command: /claimflagdefinition minecraft:user FlagDefinition true/false   Flag Definitions: block-trampling - Controls whether farmland and turtle eggs can be trampled. chest-access - Controls whether a player can access chest inventories. crop-growth - Controls whether crops can grow. damage-animals - Controls whether animals can be damaged. enderman-grief - Controls whether enderman can grief. fire-spread - Controls whether fire can spread. grass-growth - Controls whether grass can grow. ice-form - Controls whether ice can form. ice-melt - Controls whether ice can melt. lava-flow - Controls whether lava can flow. leaf-decay - Controls whether leaves can decay. lighter - Controls whether a player can use flint and steel. mushroom-growth - Controls whether mushrooms can grow. mycelium-spread - Controls whether mycelium can spread. ride - Controls whether vehicles(including animals), not owned by the player, can be mounted. sleep - Controls whether players can sleep in beds snow-fall - Controls whether snow can fall. snow-melt - Controls whether snow can melt. snowman-trail - Controls whether snowmen can create snow beneath them. soil-dry - Controls whether soil will dry. vehicle-use - Controls whether vehicles(boats, minecarts, etc.) can be placed, ridden and broken. villager-trade - Controls whether players can trade with villagers. vine-growth - Controls whether vines(and kelp) can grow. water-flow - Controls whether water can flow. pvp - Controls whether PvP combat is allowed.
    about 1 month ago
    Hello Magma's,   We just updated our server to 1.17 with new chunks loaded, most of the old chunks are 1.17 too now! Start exploring our world on 1.17 Java and Bedrock edition minecraft. Join us at play.magmamc.net!   BottledEXP: You can now store EXP into bottle's with just a simple command.   1 new command has been added:   - /bottle store {Store particular amount in a bottle}   Claim Prices: We've just lowered the claim prices alot, this will make it possible for everyone to claim larger areas at the beginning of your Survival journey! Make sure to claim your area, if you got griefed we can help you with it. But you can prevent it with claiming.   Fish Market: We've just added more custom fish to the game!   There is also a chance you will fish vanilla items. The /fish, menu has been solved for bedrock users.   Added another menu to the game, you can now buy baits with /bait! So there is a higher chance of catching rare fish.   Player Shops: We were waiting for this feature for a long time, it needed some testing and finnaly has been added to the game. It is easy to use and create Player Shops, checkout https://www.magmamc.net/forum/topic/15-how-to-create-a-player-shop/#post-18 for more information!   The command list has also been updated https://www.magmamc.net/commands We are thinking of a Shopping District at our spawn, let us know below how you think about a Shopping District.  
    3 months ago
    Hello Magma's,   First of all, make sure you are LvL2 on MagmaMC in order to create a Player Shop. If you have trouble with commands, just use the command /pshop help. You can create a maximum of 10 shops!   You can use player shops from LvL2 or below.   How do i create a shop? You can create a shop by simply crouch click a chest with the item in your hand you want to sell.  For example: You are holding a Carrot in your hand, crouch and left click the chest with the carrot. With /pshop help, you can easily find all of the commands you can use for your PlayerShop. /pshop remove, will remove your PlayerShop when you stand in front of the chest.   You are able to tranfers all of your shops to a specific player with /pshop transfer. Make sure to take a look at magmamc.net/commands or use the command /pshop help!   For help, join us on discord or let us know below this post!
    3 months ago
    Hello Magma's,   This is a month with less updates, but there are alot of updates planned for the next few months!We just try to slow it down a bit to not rush our updates and release it after it works good enough.   Bedrock resource pack: For bedrock users there is an optional resource pack you can use to add things that are not on bedrock. This pack will make it a more Java experience on bedrock!This pack will add things such as: - Armor stand poses and arm/baseplate visibility - Illusioner texture - Iron golem cracked texture - Missing particles, like sweep attack - Spectral arrow entity textureResource pack: https://ci.opencollab.dev/job/GeyserMC/job/GeyserOptionalPack/job/master/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/GeyserOptionalPack.mcpackThis resource pack is not made by us   Player heads: it is now possible to receive a player head from killing a player. There is a chance it wont drop.   Combat Tweaks: You can now use Riptide in combat, you can also use /offhand and /balance, in combat now.   Rare Crate: We added a new crate at /warp crates, this is an extremely rare crate you can get from a Magma crate or voteparty's!   Ingame chat on discord: You can now chat with people ingame on our discord server, you have to link your discord ingame with /discord link, before you can start talking in that channel.   Fish market and custom fish?: You are now able to sell fish with /fish. We changed alot, default fishing has been disabled, and changed for custom fishing!   You can catch common and rare fish. The more rare the fish, the more money you can get from the fish market! Also fish size does matter.There are also fishing competitions that will automatically start when there are enough players online. You will receive money rewards if you are in the top 3 of the fishing competition!   Teleport Requests: Players are now able to use /tpa, for LvL2 and higher! We did this because alot of people had trouble teleporting to friends if they play together.   Event winners!: it was a hard event for our bedrock users, and we are sorry for this event, but you were still able to receive rewards everyday! We will organize a more bedrock friendly event next time. Those are the event winners, the 1st 3rd and 3nd place will receive an extra reward!   Hard parkour winners & rewards: 1 - DanGuyRandom: 10000€ + 2 magma keys + 1 rare key 2 - BlackDiamond31: 5000€ + 1 magma key + 1 rare key 3 - Moppersmurff: 2000€ + 1 magma key   Easy parkour winners: 1 - DanGuyRandom: 4000€ + 1 rare key 2 - BlackDiamond31: 3000€ + 1 rare key 3 - timtravels: 2000€ + 1 rare key   Congratulations! You can claim this reward by sending (timr2000) a message ingame and receive the rewards.  
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