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How do I join?
about 1 year ago
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  • Look on bug report
    about 1 year ago
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  • timr2000 im saying one of your staff muted me for no reason ill just talking and got an warning and I sed to my self ok and then I waited and dident talk and then started talking but not spamming and then I asked if eny one wanted fireworks and gess wat got muted plz plz plz unmute me
    about 1 year ago
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  • how do i get unbanned please?
    over 2 years ago
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    Hello magma's,   Check out our Trailer before reading this article:   The holiday season is almost here, and that means Santa is on his way! Get ready for a month of exciting rewards on MagmaMC as we prepare to launch our Christmas Advent Calendar on December 1st. Get ready for an abundance of rewards coming your way throughout December!   Christmas Event Get ready to join in the festive fun on MagmaMC with our Christmas Advent calendar! Log in daily to receive various rewards, from money to Crate keys. And speaking of Crate Keys, our special Christmas Crate will be available starting on December 01, along with our Advent Calendar. Our spawn area will be magically transformed into a winter wonderland, and you can access all the holiday activities by using the command /christmas. This will bring up a menu with all the exciting ways you can earn rewards during our Christmas event, such as finding Santa's hidden presents or logging in daily to receive rewards from the Advent Calendar. Be sure to keep track of the presents you've found in the Christmas menu!   We also introduce a new Voucher called the "Playtime Booster" This voucher provides a playtime boost to help you rank up even faster! You could receive a 15-minute booster or even a 1-hour booster. These boosters can be won from the Christmas Crate, and they are also available as rewards from our Christmas Advent calendar and Present hunt!   New year Starting on December 25th, we will introduce a special "Firework Crate" to help you ring in the New Year with custom fireworks! You can obtain keys for this crate by participating in voteparties or by voting.   Join us at our Christmas Event and we look forward to seeing you again next year!
    11 days ago
    Hello magma's,   We have an exciting announcement to share! We will be launching a new series on our YouTube channel soon. It's a short film called "The Escape." In addition, we have updated the server, resolved some issues, and incorporated your suggestions!   The Escape: A new series will be starting on Nov-10-2023 at 19:30 CET (UTC+1) on the MagmaMC YouTube channel The video will premiere and be posted on our YouTube channel after the live premiere. Subscribe and enable alerts to receive a notification once the premiere/video goes live!   Here's a brief description of the MagmaMC Short Film: On Halloween Eve, Mayor Ethan is en route to make an important announcement for Fort Magma. As he approaches the podium to deliver the news, the people's discontent becomes palpable. Mayor Ethan promised to take care of the dangers. However, something else unexpected occurred.   This is an Official MagmaMC Short Film that will showcase the story of MagmaMC! Are you joining our Live Premiere?   Server Updates: Budding Amethyst is Silk touchable now! Updated the server to 1.20.2 PvP had a bug that caused players to be killed upon exiting the server. Fortunately, this problem has now been resolved. The Reset Timer has been removed in The End and moved to the portal at Spawn instead. You can now sit anywhere you want by using /sit! Alternatively, you can right-click on a slab or stair to sit down. (Or you can sit on other players) Suspicious Sand and Gravel are now silk touchable. The Third Vote site has been replaced and works fine for mobile users! New link: We relocated our web server and resolved issues with our email address. We are resending validation emails to those who did not receive them. And some more minor bug fixes
    29 days ago
    Hello magma's,   Spring is in the air so we have just released a brand-new Spring Crate! 💠Keys are currently obtainable through Voting and Voteparties, in April also through our Easter Egg Hunt event.   You can receive Spring Crate keys until June 21st!   Easter Egg Hunt ðŸ¤: Our easter bunny will hide Easter eggs around /spawn from April 8th until April 15th Make sure to clear your agenda or else you will miss A LOT of extra rewards!   Discord Giveaways?: Because of the start of this Spring event, we will do several giveaways on our discord, join us through this invite link: We will start with 2 Nitro Giveaways and 5 Spring Crate Keys, once you are in our Discord server you can enter the giveaway at the #✨︱giveaways channel
    9 months ago
    Hello magma's,   We want to celebrate our 2-year anniversary of MagmaMC! Our official anniversary is on February 6, but we already made some changes, we will release a limited-time anniversary crate from February 6 until February 14.   A couple of changes are made and we'd like to share them with you, check out our RENEWED server trailer:   Renewed Spawn: We have done some updates to our Spawn area, a brand new shopping area, and a crates area!   Our leaderboards are located at /warp end, showing up to 10 people on the leaderboard.   PvP Arena: We made a separate world for our PvP arena, so it would be way better for low-end users to PvP, instead of a laggy PvP experience. The arena is located at /warp pvp   Rankups: We have added 20 more rankups, the max player rankup is at LvL50 now!   2 new perks have been added to the rank ups you can also check them out at At LvL22 you are able to use a portable crafting table with /craft At LvL28 you are able to use a portable Enderchest with /ec   Votepartys: Voteparty chances have been slightly changed and optimized. We also have added Vouchers to our Votepartys, a voucher can give you a random reward or you can sell your voucher.
    10 months ago
    Hello magma's,   2022 was an amazing year for MagmaMC! We've seen A LOT of new players joining our server and blending into our amazing community! We are still improving our server by looking at player suggestions and adding new features you might like as well. According to the votes, we can consider adding your suggestion! You can add suggestions on our Discord server:   New Year Rewards?: We recently added a Firework Crate to the game, gaining keys is only a limited amount of days. You can receive Firework Crate Keys from Votepartys/voting and you can receive 3 keys by using the command /newyear The Firework Crate is available until January 14th Claiming the /newyear reward is only possible from December 31st until January 7th   Happy New Year and we hope to see you next year on MagmaMC! 🎆
    11 months ago
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