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Hello Magma's,

We've just reached another milstone of 3000+ unique players every joined MagmaMC! 

We are still growing and we would like to thank you all for player on MagmaMC, we are still not a pay to win minecraft server and we would like to stay like this.


We've made some little changes in the last few months, so there was no reason to post a update on our forum.

If you have a suggestion you can always join our Discord server to leave a suggestion in our Suggestions channel.


Bedrock Updates:

Once bedrock does update, you won't be able t...


Hello Magma's,


We wont have any big updates to announce here, but still a list of small update we've made on the server.


Player Shops:

Some small changes were made for the players shops, you can only put the item you selected in your Player Shop, same for hoppers!

Also the item above a player shop has been changed and cant be moved anymore when placing a block on it.


Invisible item frame's:

You can now toggle the invisibility of your item frame from LvL4 with:


/itf togglemode {Toggle the editing mode wh...

July update + 1.17 update!
timr20004 months ago

Hello Magma's,


We just updated our server to 1.17 with new chunks loaded, most of the old chunks are 1.17 too now!

Start exploring our world on 1.17 Java and Bedrock edition minecraft. Join us at!



You can now store EXP into bottle's with just a simple command.


1 new command has been added:


- /bottle store {Store particular amount in a bottle}


Claim Prices:

We've just lowered the claim prices alot, this will make it possible for everyone to claim larger...


Hello Magma's,


This is a month with less updates, but there are alot of updates planned for the next few months!
We just try to slow it down a bit to not rush our updates and release it after it works good enough.


Bedrock resource pack:

For bedrock users there is an optional resource pack you can use to add things that are not on bedrock. This pack will make it a more Java experience on bedrock!
This pack will add things such as:

 - Armor stand poses and arm/baseplate visibility
 - Illusioner texture
 - Iron golem cracked texture

MagmaMC Parkour Event
timr20005 months ago

Hello Magma's,

Because we hit the 1000th unique players we promised to do an event.

First of all, i want to thank all of you again for joining MagmaMC!
Also Moppersmurff did a great job at building this event.

So what kind of event is it?
This i a Parkour event, you can win multiple rewards at this event.
We know parkour is hard for our bedrock players, especially the **Hard** Parkour.

So we also made an Easy parkour, you will receive an reward when completing the parkours, you can claim this reward once every day by completing it.

There are also ...

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