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MagmaMC 2 year anniversary 🎁
timr2000about 1 month ago

Hello magma's,


We want to celebrate our 2-year anniversary of MagmaMC!

Our official anniversary is on February 6, but we already made some changes, we will release a limited-time anniversary crate from February 6 until February 14.


A couple of changes are made and we'd like to share them with you, check out our RENEWED server trailer:


Renewed Spawn:

We have done some updates to our Spawn area, a brand new shopping area, and a crates area!



Hello magma's,


2022 was an amazing year for MagmaMC! We've seen A LOT of new players joining our server and blending into our amazing community!

We are still improving our server by looking at player suggestions and adding new features you might like as well. According to the votes, we can consider adding your suggestion!

You can add suggestions on our Discord server:


New Year Rewards?:

We recently added a

MagmaMC Christmas Event 🎅
timr20004 months ago

Hello magma's,


If you haven't seen our Christmas Event trailer, watch it here:


Santa is coming to MagmaMC this year, and he will bring you a lot of rewards!

Also, stay tuned for Giveaways on our Discord server, feel free to join:


But first of all, Santa will start his Advent Calendar on November 25th, you have to...


Hello magma's,


This is a list of changes we made on the server, make sure to join our discord server to keep up to date with the latest server Changes/information!


Giveaway & Summer Crate:

We are happy to announce that we are about to release a new Crate, called the Summer Crate!

You can watch our New Crate at /warp crates


You can win this Crate by voting or by participati...

March 22 update and New Crate?
timr2000about 1 year ago

Hello magma's,


We have made a couple of changes in the last few months, so we will share them with you here!

Also, make sure to join our discord server at, we do giveaways and you can chat in our in-game chat through our discord server.


Spawner Changes:

Mob spawners do no...

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