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timr2000 timr200017 days ago
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Hello Magma's,


Are you ready for a new MagmaMC update?
We will list all of the new features below.

Bedrock Offhand:

Java players were able to use their offhand because thats in the standard Minecraft game, now Bedrock users can use their offhand also with /offhand. This command only works on Bedrock!


Toggle PvP:

You dont like to PvP with other players? Just use the command /pvptoggle, to disable PvP only for you.


Easy harvesting:

We added a new unique feature to make harvesting easier for you!...

timr2000 timr200019 days ago
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Hello Magma's,


Egg Hunt:

As you might have noticed (Or not yet), the Easter Bunny hided 20 Easter Eggs around the spawn! Help the Easter Bunny find his Easter Eggs back, in return you will receive a reward! Right click to claim the Easter Egg.

Can you find all of them?



We have a important accounced for you guys! April 1 we will change MagmaMC to MagmaSMP.

Make sure to checkout our youtube channel at April 1 for...

timr2000 timr2000about 1 month ago
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Hello Magma's,


We are still adding features and try to improve our server, for bedrock users the inventory's are alot smoother and better to use. but still there needs to be some improvements. You can always make bug reports on our website if there are any problems.

Let's begin with the list of update's we've not listed here on our forum yet!


Banner maker Menu:

We've added a little extra to make it easier for you to make custom unlimited banners. You can buy them voor 100$ or craft them if they are below the vanilla limit. If they are above the vanilla limit you can buy th...

timr2000 timr20002 months ago
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Hello Magma's,


We received alot of suggestions from you guys to improve MagmaMC!

Thanks everyone for those suggestions, we already implemented some suggestion in our server!

Also checkout what you can unlock after a certain level here:


Weekly shop selling items:

You are now able to sell items in our Weekly shop!

Just drag your items in the market to sell them,...

timr2000 timr20002 months ago
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Hello Magma's,


We are open for 1 week now and it looks like everything is running perfectly fine.
So we decided to add some little update's!


Added support for Minecraft bedrock:

As you might noticed (or not), we added support for Minecraft bedrock edition.

You can cross-play with your friends on our server!

The bedrock IP adress is the same as our java version IP, the port is the default bedrock port!

If you found any bugs using Bedrock you can report it here:

Crops grow even if the chunk is un...