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  I hope everyone is doing well and having fun on the server! On behave of the staffteam I have a few notices; Regards about killing people While this isn't a thing we want to see, especially if its on purpose, we ask people to use /pvptoggle. This will turn your PVP off so you cannot be attacked and killed by players, mobs however can still attack you. Stafftickets Please not that stafftickets are only used for Staffhelp, we got quite a few tickets that where not staffhelp related and we want this only for staffhelp. Do you have a bugreport? Please visit our website to make a bugreport. We prefer player report on the website too, however in emergency cases you can create a ticket and a staffmember will help you further from there. Griefing Griefing is fun for nobody and we ask our players not to do it. The staff team can check every block and chest, so if you stole something we will find out and ban you. In griefing case we have a zero-tolerance policy which will always result in a 30-days ban. To prevent this, we encourage our players to claim their land. ( Inventory resets Last couple of weeks we got alot of questions about when we reset inventories; and the short awnser is we don't. However, in certain cases where people die through glitches (Server glitches; not on purpose glitching) we do reset inventories. This will also mean from this point onwards we will NOT be resetting inventories after someone dies to another player! (To prevent this; see the Killing Players point!) Inappropriate behaviour As we all know we try to make MagmaMC as fun and save for everyone as we all can, however sometimes people (usually troll accounts) make it not as save and fun as we want it to be. If there is anybody harassing you in sexual / racial way; please contact a staffmember through a ticket. We highly disagree and are disgusted by this behaviour and will always result in a instant and permanent ban. Staff membersPlease do not enter a arguement with a staffmember about this or any other thing. Staffmembers will always make a decision based on the information they have and will often notify other staffmembers to come to a fair conclusion and they do not have to explain their decision to players. Also remember; staffmembers are also people, we also make mistakes. Although we obviously don't want too, this is inevitable in the end. We also ask you, if a staffmember is not awnsering your question within a minute, we got a very dedicated staff team, but we also got lives besides MagmaMC! I hope to have informed everyone enough, if there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask questions in Discussions! I thank you all for reading this and I hope this was usefull! -Moji
about 1 month ago
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