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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use /tpa from LvL2, and /tpahere from LvL3

You can get out of the spawn area with /rtp or /wild, make sure to set a home once you teleported because there is a 30 minute cooldown!

Yes, we are a cross-play Survival server!
We support Java and Bedrock.

Server IP:
Bedrock port: 19132

Since joining through a console works differently, you can Click Here to follow the tutorial on how to join through consoles.

No, Click Here to take a look at our rules!

Yes, if you have trouble with claiming land, Click Here to check out our Tutorial on how to claim

Yes, Click Here to join our discord server

No, applications are currently closed

Yes, we will never charge money for our level-up ranks.

The overworld border is 20kx20k, this is a round border.

Click Here for a tutorial on how to create a player warp

Click Here for a tutorial on how to create a Player Shop

There are multiple ways to make money:
  1. Sell fish at /fish
  2. Sell items at the black market with /blackmarket
  3. Kill mobs to earn money
  4. Make money through Player Shops
  5. Vote to earn money with /vote
  6. Receive money from the daily Rewards with /daily
  7. At every 100 vote's there will be a Voteparty, this can give you crate keys and money!

Click Here to get a list of perks you unlock at certain Levels

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