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Update June 22 update, giveaway & Staff Applications!
Started by timr2000

Hello magma's,


This is a list of changes we made on the server, make sure to join our discord server to keep up to date with the latest server Changes/information!


Giveaway & Summer Crate:

We are happy to announce that we are about to release a new Crate, called the Summer Crate!

You can watch our New Crate at /warp crates


You can win this Crate by voting or by participating in voteparty's!

You can only win Summer Crate Keys until 23-09-2022


You can find the Giveaway at our discord on the channel #giveaways


This Crate will be released on 11-6-2022 and we are about to Giveaway 5 of them on our discord.

We will also give away a 1 month of discord nitro! 


Join our discord at:


Staff Applications:

We are currently looking for New Helpers and/or Builders!

Do you think you could fit into our Team? Then give it a try and Apply at:


Keep in mind that discord is required, and we are forcing you to use 2fa.


FAQ page:

If you have a question, make sure to first check out our FAQ page before asking!


Server Rules:

We slightly changed some Server rules and added a new rule.


2. No griefing and stealing. Please do not destroy, deface, graffiti, or build on top of another person’s constructions. We recommend claiming your base, we won't help you if you reported grief multiple times without claiming. Destroying around player claims is also griefing

16. Wars are not allowed, only if both parties agree


Make sure to read our rules at:


Player Warp Guide:

Trouble creating a player warp? Make sure to take a look at our guide!


We'd also recommend you categorize your Player Warp, so players can find your player warp more easily.


Sign Items:

You are now able to Sign an item with a short description, this will add a custom lore with your name on it.


/sign YourTextHere {Signs the item in the main hand with your custom lore}

/sign delete {Removes the signature of an item}

/sign lock {Locks an item for a signature}

/sign unlock {Unlocks an item for a signature}

/renameitem {Renames the held item}


You can also find these commands at:


Shorter Commands:

You can now use commands such as /blackmarket or /voteparty, like /bm or /vp.

No need to type the full command anymore!


Crate Changes:

We have made some changes to some of our Crates to get some more variation:

  • Magma Crate Villager spawner has been changed with the Cow Spawner from the Legendary Crate
  • Panda and Fox spawners from the Spawner Crate have been replaced with the Polar Bear Spawner and Chicken Spawner
  • Legendary Pickaxe has been upgraded to enchant LvL 10 and added Mending to the pickaxe


Rtp cooldown:

The random teleport cooldown has been changed from 30 minutes to 15 minutes for players below LvL10

And people above LvL10 can teleport every 5 minutes!


Colored Signs:

You can now use color code's on signs from LvL5, just by simply adding the "&" with the color after the &. Example below:


Colors you can use:

  • &4 "dark_red"
  • &c "red"
  • &6 "gold"
  • &e "yellow"
  • &2 "dark_green"
  • &a "green"
  • &b "aqua"
  • &3 "dark_aqua"
  • &1 "dark_blue"
  • &9 "blue"
  • &d "light_purple"
  • &5 "dark_purple"
  • &f "white"
  • &7 "gray"
  • &8 "dark_gray"
  • &0 "black"


You are always up to date with the latest changes on our discord server!

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Can't wait for the Summer Crates ðŸ˜

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Staff apply closed?


Staff apply closed?

Yes, the staff applications have been closed recently.

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