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How to Create a Player Warp?
Started by timr2000

Hello Magmas,


Before you can create a player warp, you have to be LvL3 before you can create one.

From LvL2 you can teleport to a player warp! Check out for more information!


It will place your player warp at the place you are standing, you can create a player warp with /pwarp set Warpname

Make sure there are no spaces in your warp name, or else it won't let you place the pwarp!


if you accidentally misplaced your pwarp, you can easily reposition the pwarp with /pwarp reset Warpname


You can make your pwarp whitelisted only too, by just adding someone to the whitelist, it will automatically hide it from other users with /pwarp whitelist set Warpname Player


We recommend setting a category for your pwarp, you can do that with /pwarp category

List of categories:

  • Farms
  • Houses
  • Other
  • PvP
  • Shops


Make sure to take a look at or use the command /pwarp help!


For help, join our discord or let us know below this post!

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