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Server Commands

Every single server command is listed here, with some information about that one command to let you know what that command does.
Some commands only work after a certain level. You will level up just by playing on our server.


Basic Commands:

  • /home {Teleport to your home}
  • /balance {Check your balance}
  • /money {Check your balance}
  • /sethome {Set a home at your current location}
  • /ignore PlayerName {ignore or unignore other players}
  • /spawn {Go back to the server spawn}
  • /kit {Able to view the kits available}
  • /warp {Teleport to different locations}
  • /delhome {Delete your current home}
  • /wild {Random teleport in the Survival world}
  • /rtp {Random teleport in the Survival world}
  • /tpa {Send a teleport request to a player, only works from LvL2}
  • /tpahere {Send a teleport request to teleport a player to you, only works from LvL3}
  • /tptoggle {Disable tpa requests completely}
  • /trash {Instead of dropping your items, you can put the items into the trashcan}
  • /back {Teleports you to your last location from LvL7. You can use /back after death from LvL17}
  • /pay {Able to give players money through a command, send offline players Cash from LvL4}
  • /dq {Open the Daily Quests menu with this command}
  • /quest {Open the Quests menu with this command}


  • /tpaccept or /tpyes {Accept a tpa request}
  • /tpdeny or /tpno {Deny a tpa request}
  • /msgtoggle {Toggle private messages}
  • /msg {Send someone a private message}
  • /reply {Reply to the latest private message}
  • /2fa {Enable 2-factor authentication}
  • /2fa remove {Remove your 2-factor authentication}
  • /craftingtable {Toggle private or public crafting tables}
  • /craft {Able to use a portable crafting table from LvL22}
  • /ec {Able to use a portable Enderchest from LvL28}
  • /anvil {Able to use a portable Anvil from LvL33}
  • /chest {Enable automatic chest sorting, only works from LvL6}
  • /inventorysort {Enable automatic inventory sorting from LvL15}
  • /time {Able to view the time of the Survival world}
  • /bottle store {Store a particular amount in a bottle}
  • /profile {Show your Player Profile}
  • /profile Playername {Shows you the profile of another player within 30 blocks}
  • /claim inspect {Able to see who removed or placed blocks at claims, with a maximum of 50 pages}


  • /rules {A link to our server Rules}
  • /commands {A link to this page}
  • /help {Some information if you need help}
  • /heads {Buy heads for decoration, you unlock Food and Drinks, Miscellaneous and Plants from LvL8}
  • /heads search {Able to search for heads in the /heads, database}
  • /hat {Able to put the item in your hand on your head from LvL4}
  • /rankup {Shows you when you are going to Rankup}
  • /ranks {Shows you information about the server ranks}
  • /afk {Let people know you are AFK in the chat, you unlock it from LvL9}
  • /shop {Open the ingame buying shop from LvL2}
  • /market {Open the ingame selling shop from LvL2}
  • /fish {Open the ingame fish selling shop}
  • /bait {Buy baits for your fishing rod}
  • /itf togglemode visibility/glow [glow color] {Toggle the editing mode where you can right-click Item Frames to toggle their visibility from LvL4}
  • /keys {Trade Crate keys for even better Keys}
  • /leaderboard {Show a list of leaderboards in-game}
  • /map hide {Hide yourself from the web map}
  • /map show {Show yourself on the web map}


  • /decoration {Opens a decoration menu you can use for building}
  • /bannermaker {Opens a menu for creating custom banners}
  • /trade {Send the player a trade Request}
  • /trade accept PlayerName {Accept trade requests}
  • /trade deny PlayerName {Deny trade requests}
  • /trade toggle {Enable or disable trading requests}
  • /vote {Receive rewards for voting!}
  • /vp claim {Claim your offline vote rewards!}
  • /vp claimall {Claim your all offline vote rewards!}
  • /voteparty {Checkout how many votes are left untill a voteparty}
  • /daily {Claim daily rewards!}
  • /pvptoggle {enable or disable PvP for yourself}
  • /geyser offhand {For bedrock users so they can use their offhand!}
  • /geyser statistics {For bedrock users so they can view their server statistics}
  • /geyser advancements {For bedrock users so they can view their advancements}
  • /discord {Receive our discord invite link}
  • /discord link {Link your Minecraft account with our discord server, you are also able to talk in the Survival chat}
  • /sit {Sit everywhere you want!}
  • /farmtoggle {Toggle the ability to automatically replace crops while farming}

Trade Commands:

  • /trade {Send the player a trade Request}
  • /trade accept PlayerName {Accept trade requests}
  • /trade deny PlayerName {Deny trade requests}
  • /trade toggle {Enable or disable trading requests}

Blackmarket: LvL2

  • /blackmarket {Sell items or buy items from other players}
  • /blackmarket sell {Sell items or buy items from other players}
  • /blackmarket bid price amount {Able to bid an item on the blackmarket}

Bank Commands:

  • /bank {Store your money in the bank so you won't lose it once you get killed}
  • /bank balance {Shows your balance on your Bank account.}
  • /bank deposit {Deposit money on your bank}
  • /bank withdraw {Withdraw money from your bank}

Player Warps:

  • /pwarp help {Displays a help menu}
  • /pwarp Warpname {Teleports to the player warp from LvL2}
  • /pwarp set Warpname {Sets a warp to your location from LvL3}
  • /pwarp remove Warpname {Removes the warp}
  • /pwarp desc set/remove Warpname Desc {Warp descriptions}
  • /pwarp list {Lists all of the current player warps}
  • /pwarp lock {Lock a warp}
  • /pwarp open [category] {Opens the player warp gui}
  • /pwarp amount {Check how much warps you have}
  • /pwarp icon set/remove Warpname {Set a warp icon}
  • /pwarp category Warpname Category {Set a warp category}
  • /pwarp rate Warpname Rate {Rate a warp}
  • /pwarp ban set/remove/list Warpname {Ban players from your warp}
  • /pwarp reset Warpname {Re-set a warps location}
  • /pwarp rename Warpname Name {Rename a warp}
  • /pwarp setowner Warpname Player {Transfer ownership}
  • /pwarp favourite Warpname {Favourite a warp}
  • /pwarp password set Warpname Password {Lock your warp with a password}
  • /pwarp whitelist Set/Remove/List Warpname Player {Whitelist specific players}

Player Shops: LvL2

  • /pshop help {A menu with all of the commands}
  • /pshop transfer {Transfer ALL shops to another user}
  • /pshop amount {To set item amount (Useful when having chat issues)}
  • /pshop buy {Changes a shop to BUY mode}
  • /pshop sell {Changes a shop to SELL mode}
  • /pshop price {Changes the buy/sell price of a shop}
  • /pshop remove {Removes the shop you're looking at}
  • /pshop item {Changes shop item of a shop}
  • /pshop staff add PlayerName  {Add a player as staff to your shop}
  • /pshop staff del PlayerName {Remove a player as a staff from your shop}
  • /pshop staff clear {Remove all staff members of your shop}
  • /pshop staff list {Show all current staff members of your shop.}
  • /pshop list {Lists all shops for yourself or others.}
  • /pshop discord {Managing your Player Shop Discord settings}
  • /pshop toggledisplay {Toggle the shop display item status}
  • /pshop suggestprice {Suggest a recommend price for looking shop, based on other shops}
  • /pshop history {View the shop transaction history}

Claim Commands:

  • /abandonclaim {Remove your current claim you are standing on}
  • /abandonall {Remove all your claims you own}
  • /abandontop {Abandons a claim and all its subdivisions}
  • /trust {Trust players on your claim}
  • /trustall {Trust a player on all your claims}
  • /untrust {Untrust players on your claim}
  • /untrustall {Untrust everyone on your claim}
  • /trustlist {A list of trusted people in your claim}
  • /claimlist {A list of your current claims}
  • /claiminfo {Receive the claim information you are standing in}
  • /givepet {Give your pet to someone else}
  • /cf {Change claim flags}
  • /gd confirm {Confirm for abandon claim or claiming areas}
  • /claimtransfer PlayerName {Able to transfer your claim to another player}
  • /claimexpand Amount Direction {Expands the claim in the direction you are facing. Directions: all, down, east, north, south, up, west}
  • /modesubdivide {Switches the shovel tool to subdivision mode, used to subdivide your claims}
  • /cuboid {Switches the shovel tool to cuboid mode, so you can claim in 3D mode}
  • /modebasic {Switches the shovel tool back to basic claims mode}
  • /claimtool {Enable or disable the Golden Shovel and Stick messages}
  • /claimexpand  Amount Direction {Able to expand your claim with a command}

Claim Ban/kick Commands:

  • /banfc PlayerName {Ban a player from the claim you are standing in}
  • /kickfc PlayerName {Kick a user from your claim}
  • /unbanfc PlayerName {Unban a player from the claim you are standing in}
  • /bfclist {Display a list of banned players in your claim}
  • /bfcall {Ban or unban all players from your claim}

Item Sign Commands:

  • /sign YourTextHere {Signs the item in the main hand with your custom lore}
  • /sign delete {Removes the signature of an item}
  • /sign lock {Locks an item for a signature}
  • /sign unlock {Unlocks an item for a signature}