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How to Create a Player Shop?
Started by timr2000

Hello Magmas,


First of all, make sure you are LvL2 on MagmaMC to create a Player Shop.

If you have trouble with commands, just use the command /pshop help.

You can create a maximum of 10 shops!


You can use player shops from LvL2 or below.


How do I create a shop?

You can create a shop by simply crouch click a chest with the item in your hand you want to sell. 

For example: You are holding a Carrot in your hand, crouch and left-click the chest with the carrot.

With /pshop help, you can easily find all of the commands you can use for your PlayerShop.

/pshop remove, will remove your PlayerShop when you stand in front of the chest.


You can transfer all of your shops to a specific player with /pshop transfer.

Make sure to take a look at or use the command /pshop help!


For help, join us on discord or let us know below this post!