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Update News MagmaMC series "The Escape" and Server Updates!
Started by timr2000

Hello magma's,


We have an exciting announcement to share! We will be launching a new series on our YouTube channel soon. It's a short film called "The Escape."

In addition, we have updated the server, resolved some issues, and incorporated your suggestions!


The Escape:

A new series will be starting on Nov-10-2023 at 19:30 CET (UTC+1) on the MagmaMC YouTube channel

The video will premiere and be posted on our YouTube channel after the live premiere. Subscribe and enable alerts to receive a notification once the premiere/video goes live!


Here's a brief description of the MagmaMC Short Film:

On Halloween Eve, Mayor Ethan is en route to make an important announcement for Fort Magma. As he approaches the podium to deliver the news, the people's discontent becomes palpable. Mayor Ethan promised to take care of the dangers. However, something else unexpected occurred.


This is an Official MagmaMC Short Film that will showcase the story of MagmaMC!

Are you joining our Live Premiere?


Server Updates:

  • Budding Amethyst is Silk touchable now!
  • Updated the server to 1.20.2
  • PvP had a bug that caused players to be killed upon exiting the server. Fortunately, this problem has now been resolved.
  • The Reset Timer has been removed in The End and moved to the portal at Spawn instead.
  • You can now sit anywhere you want by using /sit! Alternatively, you can right-click on a slab or stair to sit down. (Or you can sit on other players)
  • Suspicious Sand and Gravel are now silk touchable.
  • The Third Vote site has been replaced and works fine for mobile users! New link:
  • We relocated our web server and resolved issues with our email address. We are resending validation emails to those who did not receive them.
  • And some more minor bug fixes