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Update Our first server update is a fact!
Started by timr2000

Hello Magma's,


We are open for 1 week now and it looks like everything is running perfectly fine.
So we decided to add some little update's!


Added support for Minecraft bedrock:

As you might noticed (or not), we added support for Minecraft bedrock edition.

You can cross-play with your friends on our server!

The bedrock IP adress is the same as our java version IP, the port is the default bedrock port!

If you found any bugs using Bedrock you can report it here:

Crops grow even if the chunk is unloaded:
Crops won't stop growing when you are offline or when you are not at your base, we made it possible to make crops still grow when you are not in that chunk. Great for big farms right?


Tweaked claim prices:

We tweaked our claim prices a little bit, it was too expensive to start with. So we lowered the price a little bit so everyone have a chance to claim land as starter!


Head Database

If you like decoration, we added a way to give you decoration heads.

You can buy them at /spawn. Or you can use the command /heads.

You unlock the category Food and Drinks, Miscellaneous and Plants from LvL8!



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I wonder where they get the heads

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Ninja is goated!