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News MagmaMC wishes you a Happy New Year!
Started by timr2000

Hello magma's,


2022 was an amazing year for MagmaMC! We've seen A LOT of new players joining our server and blending into our amazing community!

We are still improving our server by looking at player suggestions and adding new features you might like as well. According to the votes, we can consider adding your suggestion!

You can add suggestions on our Discord server:


New Year Rewards?:

We recently added a Firework Crate to the game, gaining keys is only a limited amount of days.

You can receive Firework Crate Keys from Votepartys/voting and you can receive 3 keys by using the command /newyear

The Firework Crate is available until January 14th

Claiming the /newyear reward is only possible from December 31st until January 7th


Happy New Year and we hope to see you next year on MagmaMC! 🎆

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