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News MagmaMC Halloween Event Winners!
Started by timr2000

Hello Magma's,


Alot of people played Trick Or Treat at our spawn, but there are only 3 winners!

Create a ticket on our discord server te collect your rewards, or ask a staff member in game. Or reply below this post!


The 3 winners are: 

  1. Diamond_2Turtle
  2. Thommy100o
  3. Christroni2477


1st place will receive 10000$ on his bank account.

2nd place will receive 5000$ on his bank account.

3rd will receive 3000$ on his bank account.


You are able to choose more rewards as a winner!

1st and 2nd place can choose 2 rewards from the list, 3rd place is able to choose 1 reward from the list!


  • 2 Magma Crate key's
  • 1 Rare Crate Key
  • 1 Spawner Crate Key
  • 5000$
  • Able to set 6 Homes
  • Able to set 3 Player Warps
  • Magma Kit