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Update May update and new voting website!
Started by timr2000

Hello Magma's,


We are still slowly adding updates each month, we are trying to post a forum post every months update with a list of changes that are made from the previous month.

We are also happy to see that our community is still growing and we love to see players having fun on MagmaMC!


VoteParty on discord:

We have added an discord channel on our discord server, that will broadcast a messages once we hit the 10 votes left for a VoteParty. So players have time to join the server and be able to collect all of the extra rewards.

You can assign a role to yourself in the #role-assignment channel, to receive a notificiation once it hits the 10 votes left!


Player Warps:

You are now able to create a player warp at LvL3, everyone can teleport to your player warp, so watch out when creating one. Make sure to claim the area where you created your warp at. it will also cost you a 1 time 500$ for creating a warp. Do not create any traps, we will remove those warps and you can risk a ban for this.


End updates:

The end will now reset automatically every 30 days, the dragon will respawn every 7 days automatically. You can still respawn the dragon yourself if you want to.

We also removed creating claims in the end to prevent players from claiming the portal. There is a scoreboard added in the end that will show you when the dragon will respawn, and when the end will reset.



We've had alot of players complaining about the upgradeablespawners, it worked slower as expected and it was a huge downgrade for everyone.

So we decided to remove it from the server, spawners are now back to normal again.


Voting site added:

There is a new voting site added to the site, this means more rewards for you!


Leaderboards at spawn:

There are a few leaderboards added in the castle at the spawn, check it out yourself at /spawn

Checkout our discord server for information about the updates we do every month!