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1.19 update!
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Update April Update and improvements!
Started by timr2000

Hello Magma's,


Are you ready for a new MagmaMC update?
We will list all of the new features below.

Bedrock Offhand:

Java players were able to use their offhand because thats in the standard Minecraft game, now Bedrock users can use their offhand also with /offhand. This command only works on Bedrock!


Toggle PvP:

You dont like to PvP with other players? Just use the command /pvptoggle, to disable PvP only for you.


Easy harvesting:

We added a new unique feature to make harvesting easier for you! You will unlock this at LvL11. Right Click with your hoe on a crop to harvest and automatic place the crop again! You dont need any command for this feature, after LvL11 this works automatically for you.


Daily reward:

You can now claim daily rewards every day, this will reset if you do not claim every day, so make sure to claim your reward every day with /daily


Upgradeable Spawners:

You can now upgrade your spawners easily by Right Clicking a spawners you placed. This will cost you money, you can place a maximum of 5 spawners. From LvL12 you can place 10 spawners!


Added 4 more Ranks:

Checkout for more information about the ranks:


  • LvL11:
  • Able to automatically harvest and replace when right clicking with a hoe on your farm.
  • LvL12:
  • Able to place 10 upgradeable spawners instead of the default 5.
  • LvL13:
  • Able to set 3 home's!
  • LvL14:
  • Able to sell 10 items on the blackmarket instead of 5.
  • LvL15:
  • Able to sort your inventory with /inventorysort


Thanks everyone for all of you Suggestions on our discord, we try to add most of them in our server, join our discord server to make a suggestion and chat with others!