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News Egg Hunt, giveaway and SMP?
Started by timr2000

Hello Magma's,


Egg Hunt:

As you might have noticed (Or not yet), the Easter Bunny hided 20 Easter Eggs around the spawn! Help the Easter Bunny find his Easter Eggs back, in return you will receive a reward! Right click to claim the Easter Egg.

Can you find all of them?



We have a important accounced for you guys! April 1 we will change MagmaMC to MagmaSMP.

Make sure to checkout our youtube channel at April 1 for more information.



First of all i want to thank all of you guys for playing on MagmaMC and the great community we are building together!

We reached 500 subscribers on our Youtube channel within 2 months! And also 100 Discord members.


So with those goals we reached we want to give something to you guys also!

We are doing a 1 month Discord nitro giveaway on our Discord server! Just click on the icon in the #giveaway, channel to enter the giveaway.


Dont forget to join our discord server if you have any suggestions or questions or just want to talk with people!