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Update February/March 2021 updates!?
Started by timr2000

Hello Magma's,


We are still adding features and try to improve our server, for bedrock users the inventory's are alot smoother and better to use. but still there needs to be some improvements. You can always make bug reports on our website if there are any problems.

Let's begin with the list of update's we've not listed here on our forum yet!


Banner maker Menu:

We've added a little extra to make it easier for you to make custom unlimited banners. You can buy them voor 100$ or craft them if they are below the vanilla limit. If they are above the vanilla limit you can buy the banner! Use the command /bannermaker, or use the NPC at the spawn to get into the banner maker menu.



There is a player market now, you can use this market with /blackmarket. It is the same idea as a auction house.

Don't get confused with our server market, on the server market you can sell unlimited items such as ingots and diamond blocks etc.

You can sell items on our blackmarket with /blackmarket sell


Trade System:

We also added an easy to use trade system to our server, you can trade with people within 10 blocks.

You can trade EXP, Money and items. Only if both of you accepted the trade will complete!


PvP arena:

There is a official public PvP arena in the server now, use /warp pvp. Or use /warp, to teleport to the PvP arena!


Votes and crates!:

After waiting a long time we finally added more rewards to the server for earning more money.


You receive voting keys with /vote, there is also a chance you can receive a Magma key with voting!

From a voting crate you can also receive spawner keys, you can remove this spawners with a silktouch pickaxe if you placed them wrong.

This also works with already existing spawners.


Also after 100 votes there will be a voteparty for even more rewards, you can receive money, keys and many more!

With /warp crates, you can teleport to every crate!


Hopefully you like the updates, we will continue improving the server alot. Dont forget to join our discord server if you have any suggestions or questions or just want to talk with people!