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Update Fancy menu's and economy update.
Started by timr2000

Hello Magma's,


We received alot of suggestions from you guys to improve MagmaMC!

Thanks everyone for those suggestions, we already implemented some suggestion in our server!

Also checkout what you can unlock after a certain level here:


Weekly shop selling items:

You are now able to sell items in our Weekly shop!

Just drag your items in the market to sell them, keep in mind the shop keeper does not allow every item!

Click on the sign below to sell all your items you put in the menu.


Menu's update:

We updated our spawn NPC's with some new fancy menu's!

/kit and /warp, are now changed to a easy to use gui.

We also added new commands. /help and /menu, with some basic information you need before playing on our server.

We recommend reading everything in the /help menu!