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Update MagmaMC 2 year anniversary 🎁
Started by timr2000

Hello magma's,


We want to celebrate our 2-year anniversary of MagmaMC!

Our official anniversary is on February 6, but we already made some changes, we will release a limited-time anniversary crate from February 6 until February 14.


A couple of changes are made and we'd like to share them with you, check out our RENEWED server trailer:


Renewed Spawn:

We have done some updates to our Spawn area, a brand new shopping area, and a crates area!


Our leaderboards are located at /warp end, showing up to 10 people on the leaderboard.


PvP Arena:

We made a separate world for our PvP arena, so it would be way better for low-end users to PvP, instead of a laggy PvP experience.

The arena is located at /warp pvp



We have added 20 more rankups, the max player rankup is at LvL50 now!


2 new perks have been added to the rank ups you can also check them out at

  • At LvL22 you are able to use a portable crafting table with /craft
  • At LvL28 you are able to use a portable Enderchest with /ec



Voteparty chances have been slightly changed and optimized. We also have added Vouchers to our Votepartys, a voucher can give you a random reward or you can sell your voucher.

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