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Started by *RabbitWill6556

So I was thinking if you did /afk instead of afk kicking you eventually, instead it would disable all ranking up for the time you are afk. This could finally allow us to keep farms running for as long as we want instead of having to log back in and go afk. Idk if this can be implemented but I just wanted to share the idea.

It's implemented the way it is so that people don't afk for farms, causing unnecessary lag on other players and such. It would be a good idea to expand the allowed afk time, how much is uncertain, but this is a compromisable idea.

Happy Gaming, 

-*Rodsten333: Member of tTPA, friend to many, online suggester, user of o-o, and gamer at heart.

Oh. Did not know that nvm.

Oh. Did not know that nvm.