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Update March 22 update and New Crate?
Started by timr2000

Hello magma's,


We have made a couple of changes in the last few months, so we will share them with you here!

Also, make sure to join our discord server at, we do giveaways and you can chat in our in-game chat through our discord server.


Spawner Changes:

Mob spawners do not freeze anymore, they just spawn as normal mobs now because we added an alternative way to prevent mob spawn lag.


Nether Portals:

We have made some small changes according to Nether portals, as you might have noticed, the portals are custom portals and you can look through them.

You can disable this effect with /toggleportal.


Nether Reset:

We decided to do a full Nether reset, so users are able to mine more resources at the Nether and discover not yet looted places. We made a poll for this before we did the reset so we know everyone does agree with the reset. Check the results here:


Inspect Claim:

You are now able to look through block logs on your claim, so you can see who destroyed your blocks and the time they did remove that block on your claim

You can toggle this with /claim inspect.


Shop Changes:

We have added a normal shop instead of a weekly shop, use the command /shop, to open the changed shop and buy whatever you want!


Subdivide Claim:

You are now able to place a claim inside your already existing claim, so you are able to trust players on small claims on your large claim. Use the command /modesubdivide, to enable this, and your golden shovel to create a claim on your already existing claim.


Make sure to use the command /modebasic, after you are done subdividing your claim.


Blackmarket Changes:

It is possible to add an auction on the black-market players can bid on, make sure you hold the item you'd like to sell, use /blackmarket bid [amount]. The price is the starting price of your item. Players can bid higher and once the bidding has been expired, the last highest bid will win the auction.


Legendary Crate:

A new crate has been added at /warp crates, the Legendary Crate adds more rewards to the crates. You can win a crate key at VoteParty's and from the Rare Crate.


You are always up to date with the latest server changes at our discord server!

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