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News Welcome on MagmaMC!
Started by timr2000

Hello Magma's!

You might have noticed that we are a starting a minecraft server, me (timr2000) is maintaining minecraft servers for 4 years now. Small servers, and also a bigger server. so now i deceided to start a minecraft server by my own.

So.. What kind of server are we? Another Survival server? No, we are not just a Survival server. I have alot of server experience and we have a good team behind MagmaMC. Everyone with suggestions is welcome. We are going to be unique as possible and give you the best Survival experience.


We hope to see you soon on MagmaMC, we are not yet online for public. We will let everyone know when we are releasing.


Make sure you register on our site so you will receive the latest updates, and when we are online for public.

If you have any questions, you can ask them below! ❤

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