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Update December update and Event winners!
Started by timr2000

Hello Magmas,


We have made a couple of server Changes!

A full list of changes is below, and also the Event winners!


1.18 update!:

We were already 1.18.1 compatible, but our Server was still on 1.17 because we had to wait before our software became more Stable.

The server is now fully updated to 1.18 and new chunks will render below y0.


We also did a partial server Reset, this does mean that chunks around your base may be cleared. But your base will stay unaffected.


Pay Users:

You are now able to pay users with /pay.

It is possible to pay offline players from LvL7!


Mob Heads:

Mobs do have a chance of dropping a head now, there will be a higher chance with the enchantment Looting!


Ban Users from your Claim:

You are now able to ban users from your claim. 


- /banfc {Ban a player from the claim you are standing in}

- /unbanfc {Unban a player from the claim you are standing in}

- /bfclist {Display a list of banned players in your claim}

- /bfcall {Banish all players from your claim}


Player Shop Staff:

You can now add "Staff" members to your chest shop, they can refill your chests.


- /pshop staff add {Add a player as staff to your shop}

- /pshop staff del {Remove a player as staff from your shop}

- /pshop staff clear {Remove all staff-members of your shop}

- /pshop staff list {Show all current staff-members of your shop.}


Updated Server Rules:

According to some issues we had with our server rules, we had to make some little changes to our rules.


2. No griefing and stealing. Please do not destroy, deface, graffiti, or build on top of another person’s constructions. We recommend claiming your base, we won't help you if you reported grief multiple times without claiming.


3. Trusting a player with /trust at your claim is at your own risk, we won't help you if someone griefed with trust


9. If you enable PvP it is your own risk of being killed, keep in mind that rule 8 is still not allowed


Make sure to carefully read our full list of rules at:


Player Shops:

At LvL25 you can create 35 Player Shops, at LvL30 you can create 40 Player Shops


Discord Link:

 Once you linked your account ingame with /discord link, it will automatically change your discord name to your ingame name.


Player Warps Updates:

The Player Warps menu has been changed, category Shops have been added, and you can buy Sponsor slots for your Player Warp!


 You are now able to put a password on a player warp, or whitelist a user on your player warp. Once you whitelist 1 person it will enable the whitelist mode. Check out or /pwarp help


Event Winners:

Thanks to everyone participating in the Christmas Event, we do have a winner of the Christmas Build Event.


The 3 winners are:

  1. BlackDiamond31
  2. *Thommy100o
  3. *ChasePIE14


1st place will receive 15.000$ in his bank account.

2nd place will receive 10.000$ in his bank account.

3rd will receive 5.000$ in his bank account.


You can choose more rewards as a winner!

1st and 2nd place can choose 2 rewards from the list, 3rd place can choose 1 reward from the list!


  • 2 Magma Crate key's
  • 2 Christmas Crate Key's
  • 1 Rare Crate Key
  • 1 Spawner Crate Key
  • 5000$
  • Able to set 6 Homes
  • Able to set 3 Player Warps
  • Magma Kit


1st: BlackDiamond31


2nd: *Thommy100o


3rd: *ChasePIE14

  • x1
  • x1