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Update October update and 3000+ unique players!
Started by timr2000

Hello Magma's,

We've just reached another milstone of 3000+ unique players every joined MagmaMC! 

We are still growing and we would like to thank you all for player on MagmaMC, we are still not a pay to win minecraft server and we would like to stay like this.


We've made some little changes in the last few months, so there was no reason to post a update on our forum.

If you have a suggestion you can always join our Discord server to leave a suggestion in our Suggestions channel.


Bedrock Updates:

Once bedrock does update, you won't be able to join MagmaMC. We've added an Auto updater on the server to make sure the server is always up to date with the latest bedrock version. This does mean less downtime for bedrock players!



You can now store your armor in a menu with /wardrobe

Once your Armor is in the menu, you can choose which one you'd like to wear.


You will unlock more wardrobe slots at certain levels, checkout this website for more information:


Improved prizes at /shop:

We noticed that the prices of the the shop were a little too high and it was almost impossible to buy the basic items like wood blocks and wood/stone items etc. 

The prices has been changed for every default item, also the more rare items are lowered to more "realistic" prices.

You can also sell netherite ingots at the market now!


Player Profile's:

We've just added Player Profile's, this will show you some statistics of you or another player.

In the GUI you can lock or unlock your profile for other users. So they wont be able to view your profile.


- /profile | Show your own Player Profile

- /profile *Playername* | Shows you the profile of another player within 30 blocks


Checkout for more information.