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1.19 update!
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Update August update and a new staff member!
Started by timr2000

Hello Magma's,


We wont have any big updates to announce here, but still a list of small update we've made on the server.


Player Shops:

Some small changes were made for the players shops, you can only put the item you selected in your Player Shop, same for hoppers!

Also the item above a player shop has been changed and cant be moved anymore when placing a block on it.


Invisible item frame's:

You can now toggle the invisibility of your item frame from LvL4 with:


/itf togglemode {Toggle the editing mode where you can right-click Item Frames to toggle their visibility}


Replaced voting site:

3 voting website's do work for bedrock users now, make sure to read the description at first before voting on the voting site's!


Expanded world border:

We've expanded our world border with 10k blocks in the overworld, so in total 20k x 20k. And we added an worldborder in the nether too.


We use world borders to pre-generate our world, this will improve server performance alot and wont lag when loading chunks.


Small changes:

Emeralds has been removed from /market, we will add more ways to earn money soon.


You can now use /sit, once you reached LvL7!


We moved the Player statistics to another place at the spawn, they are below the NPC's at /spawn. The entrance is at the right. 


The End reset timer has been added back into the server.

Was temporarily disabled due to 1.17 incompatibility



We have reached the 2000 unique player joins, we want to thank you all for this milestone and the amazing community we have now!

We'd also like to introduce WtF33612 to our staff team! we do give Bedrock players a chance to become staff also! Have fun on MagmaMC ?

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