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1.19 update!
We are currently fully updated to the 1.19 wild update, new chunks are generated!
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Update July update + 1.17 update!
Started by timr2000

Hello Magma's,


We just updated our server to 1.17 with new chunks loaded, most of the old chunks are 1.17 too now!

Start exploring our world on 1.17 Java and Bedrock edition minecraft. Join us at!



You can now store EXP into bottle's with just a simple command.


1 new command has been added:


- /bottle store {Store particular amount in a bottle}


Claim Prices:

We've just lowered the claim prices alot, this will make it possible for everyone to claim larger areas at the beginning of your Survival journey!

Make sure to claim your area, if you got griefed we can help you with it. But you can prevent it with claiming.


Fish Market:

We've just added more custom fish to the game!


There is also a chance you will fish vanilla items.

The /fish, menu has been solved for bedrock users.


Added another menu to the game, you can now buy baits with /bait!

So there is a higher chance of catching rare fish.


Player Shops:

We were waiting for this feature for a long time, it needed some testing and finnaly has been added to the game.

It is easy to use and create Player Shops, checkout for more information!


The command list has also been updated

We are thinking of a Shopping District at our spawn, let us know below how you think about a Shopping District.