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Update June update and Event Winners?!
Started by timr2000

Hello Magma's,


This is a month with less updates, but there are alot of updates planned for the next few months!
We just try to slow it down a bit to not rush our updates and release it after it works good enough.


Bedrock resource pack:

For bedrock users there is an optional resource pack you can use to add things that are not on bedrock. This pack will make it a more Java experience on bedrock!
This pack will add things such as:

 - Armor stand poses and arm/baseplate visibility
 - Illusioner texture
 - Iron golem cracked texture
 - Missing particles, like sweep attack
 - Spectral arrow entity texture

Resource pack:

This resource pack is not made by us


Player heads:

it is now possible to receive a player head from killing a player. There is a chance it wont drop.


Combat Tweaks:

You can now use Riptide in combat, you can also use /offhand and /balance, in combat now.


Rare Crate:

We added a new crate at /warp crates, this is an extremely rare crate you can get from a Magma crate or voteparty's!


Ingame chat on discord:

You can now chat with people ingame on our discord server, you have to link your discord ingame with /discord link, before you can start talking in that channel.


Fish market and custom fish?:

You are now able to sell fish with /fish.

We changed alot, default fishing has been disabled, and changed for custom fishing!


You can catch common and rare fish. The more rare the fish, the more money you can get from the fish market! Also fish size does matter.

There are also fishing competitions that will automatically start when there are enough players online. You will receive money rewards if you are in the top 3 of the fishing competition!


Teleport Requests:

Players are now able to use /tpa, for LvL2 and higher! We did this because alot of people had trouble teleporting to friends if they play together.


Event winners!:

it was a hard event for our bedrock users, and we are sorry for this event, but you were still able to receive rewards everyday! We will organize a more bedrock friendly event next time.

Those are the event winners, the 1st 3rd and 3nd place will receive an extra reward!


Hard parkour winners & rewards:

1 - DanGuyRandom: 10000€ + 2 magma keys + 1 rare key

2 - BlackDiamond31: 5000€ + 1 magma key + 1 rare key

3 - Moppersmurff: 2000€ + 1 magma key


Easy parkour winners:

1 - DanGuyRandom: 4000€ + 1 rare key

2 - BlackDiamond31: 3000€ + 1 rare key

3 - timtravels: 2000€ + 1 rare key


Congratulations! You can claim this reward by sending (timr2000) a message ingame and receive the rewards.