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News Make MagmaMC a more safe place for yourself!
Started by timr2000

Hello Magma's,

This is an Important message to anyone here, we care alot about a safe place for our users, and we do everything to prevent this. But sometimes things are happening in private messages and we cant control it. And since there are Younger people here on the server we want this server to be as safe as possible for them and for you.

There are multiple ways you can make it alot safer on our discord server and minecraft server for yourself, and we recommend doing this to prevent problems in the future.

1. Uncheck "Allow direct message from server members" in your privacy settings to prevent people from sending you messages when you are not their friend.

2. Never accept friend requests from random players you dont know, you feel not right about someone? Just create an ticket or ask a staff member and we will help you with it.

3. Never send any private information about yourself in private messages or on our discord server/minecraft server. Watch out sending your Social media accounts to random people also.

4. Create a ticked or ask a staff member when someone is bothering you, make sure to send us screenshots for proof.

5. Disable private messages ingame with /msgtoggle

Any questions about this message? You can ask them below this post or ask a staff member for help. Thankyou!

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